Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hey everyone. It's midsummer by now. I no longer work at Caffe Tosi, I work at Kilwin's downtown. Caffe Tosi just didn't work out. But now at Kilwin's I'm getting a full 40 hour work week -- so that's been good.

Other than work, I've been to the beach a few times, I've been working out with my mom at South Shore, I've hung out with friends often (when I'm not working nights that is), and I'm working on a T-shirt quilt! I'm so excited about the quilt. I'm doing it double sided with a total of 40 t-shirts! Hokey pete! I didn't know I owned that many! I'm about done with the first side, just a few more layers to sew together and then I can start on the back.

Ben was here last weekend and that was a lot of fun! We had a few bonfires and just kinda hung out. It was SO good to see him. I can't wait for our camping trip. I'm also looking forward to Woody's wedding in Pennsylvania -- if I can find a ride that is, and I need to make it back to work. I hope that all works out okay.

Hmm, well I think I'm going to sew a bit before I go to work tonight. Thanks for reading. Bye for now!