Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, it is now well into the school year! We've had two weeks of classes and they've been great so far! I'm taking Education 202, Health Education, British Literature, Math for the Elementary Ed teacher, and Geography. My favorite so far is Math! It's little kid math but it can be hard sometimes.

Living in a house is super fun. We each take a night to cook so that's definitely been an experience -- a good one that is. Australia training begins today so that should be good. We bike 20 miles today. It's a little wet outside so I hope that they don't cancel it. But I don't think that they will.

I got a tattoo two weeks ago of a little cross made of two nails on the inside of my right ankle. That was pretty exciting! I absolutely LOVE it. I even designed it myself! Plus it didn't hurt too badly, fun stuff.

Welp, my house is holding a mini church service this morning, so I better run. It was good catching up with you guys!

*ps. I finished my quilt. I'll have to put up some pics later when I get the chance! :)