Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Fun

Hey Guys! Halloween and October has just left us, I can't believe how fast time is flying around these parts! My goodness.

Halloween was fun. We had cupcakes for the little kiddies to decorate as spiders (thanks Martha Stewart!) and candy and hot apple cider and caramel corn! It was a blast. Afterwards the Benjamin house had us over for a late night dance party! What fun, but it most definitely wiped me out.

Saturday we celebrated Nik's birthday at Cygnus 27--a restaurant at the top of the Amway Grand. It was SO fun. The desserts were so intricate and complex, I wish I had a pic for y'all. I got a dessert called "lava" and boy did it look like a very tall volcano. It was yummy, nothing like I've ever tasted before that's for sure.

On the bad news side of things, I got in a car accident last week. I'm fine but my car's not. So that kinda sucks! But I just found out that old roommate Lauren is getting a car so that's one more car that I can borrow! Hooray! Haha. I'm excited for her. She's pretty pumped too.

Mom and dad were up two weekends ago and it was good to see them. We had Fall Music Festival at Calvin and we went shopping the other days. I'm looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving...and to get my hair cut (don't worry just a trim, and maybe a perm? who knows!) It's good to be home once in a while.

Well, not much else is going on. Christina's in town this week, so that will be exciting to hang out with her! I miss that girl so much. What else what else? There's really not a whole lot else going on so I will leave you with this picture of us on Halloween!