Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ludington Birthday Adventure!

My girlfriends and housemates are fantastic. They took me on a surprise trip to Ludington where we stayed in a motel for the night that had a pool, hot tub, spa, and water slide! It was fantastic! We ordered pizza and stayed up girl chatting and all that jazz, what fun. Then on Saturday we went to Grand Haven to go shopping in their quaint little downtown. Here's a couple of pics for my mom's sake:

Lo, Nik and Kels at the little cafe for lunch.

Beth and me and the little cafe for lunch.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Trip of a Lifetime

Hey Guys. Welp, I've been home for about a week now from Australia and I've been settling in quite nicely minus the whole weather change and all. So let me give you a brief overview of my trip.

--The traveling was long, long indeed. It was a three hour bus drive to Chicago and then a 12 hour flight to Narita, Japan, then a 9 hour flight to Sydney, Australia, then an hour and a half flight to Melbourne, then an hour bus ride to Geelong where we began our journey! Phew!

--The biking itself was insane. I was in the "scenic group" aka the slowest group and I was completely fine with that. I started out the trip being the slowest rider of the entire group and ended up being a lot faster and stronger than when I started. We would bike anywhere from 30-60 miles a day. It was intense.

--The weather was fan-freaking-tastic. Seriously it was amazing. It was never too hot except for one day (I got hyperthermia and had to quit riding--it wasn't very good). It was mild and really nice. Plus I got a nice tan with great tan lines, haha.

--Not gonna lie, the trip wasn't all perfect. I went not knowing anyone so it was kinda hard to find where I belonged. It was hard to get the same type of group of friends that I have at home and at school (my friends from home and school are amazing!). There were a bunch of nice people so that was good, but it was still tough at times. If you want more details, just give me a call sometime and I'll tell you all about it.

--I got to hold a koala! And pet kangaroo! How exciting. I also saw koala and kangaroo in nature too, so that was awesome, oh and I saw emu and echidna as well. That was neat.

--We got a few days off and that was awesome. We toured Melbourne for a day, Sydney and Brisbane as well. All the big cities were a blast. I really enjoyed the scenery and the food and the shopping!

--The Great Ocean Road is a marvel in and of itself. God really knew what he was doing when he created the 12 Apostles. I'll add a picture of them at the end just so you too can experience the beauty that I got to experience. It was truly breath-taking.

--My 21st birthday was great. The group decorated my bike with balloons and streamers. They also made a cake for me with my name on it. Plus we went out to the pub at night and a bunch of people bought me drinks. That was fun.

So all in all the trip was a huge success and super fun. One of my favorite moments was when in Kingston, someone threw a potato at me and my two friends from behind a fence. It was so random--I loved it. Haha.

Welp, its been good writing. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and leave comments! I love them! :)