Monday, June 15, 2009

Kickin' Back

Hey Guys. So I was right, I'm back at Kilwin's. I'm not getting as many hours as I need, but I'm not complaining because I don't really like being there--I mean--it's not bad but it's not like super fun either.

Training for the 5K is going well too. I've been running every single day since June 5th. I just got back from my run now actually. I think by the end of this week's training I should be able to run 20 minutes straight. YIKES! I'm so out of shape.

Saturday night I went to Hickory Corners, MI, aka a little town near Kalamazoo. I stayed at my friend Bryan's house. It was a blast. Me and Lo and Beth were there along with a ton of his friends. We played a mafia like game called "Body Body." It was so much fun. Then we stayed up til 5am just talking and goofing around. We had to get up at 7:30! I had to work at 11:30 so I had to quick drive home. Whew. I had an energy drink, no worries.

Last night and tonight my parents and I have been going camping at Warren Dunes just for fun. One of my summer goals is to go camping two times this summer so I'm halfway done with that goal! It was a blast. We made hobo dinners for dinner. Mmm good. Then I came home to run and shower before work. Then I go back late tonight to spend the night again. I think tomorrow we're going to the beach, should be fun!

I mentioned this earlier but I have a list of summer goals I want to accomplish. In case you're interested, here they are:

-Run a 5K
-Go camping at least 2X
-Read 3 classic novels
-Lose 25 pounds
-Clean out closet
-Sew a dress

So far I'm doing pretty well on all of them. I've been training for the race--I have yet to sign up and pay for it though. I've gone camping once. I'm currently reading Fahrenheit 451. I'm working out and trying to eat healthy, I've lost 1 pound. I have yet to attack my closet and start the dress--but I'll get there! It's fun to have a concrete list to work at, it gives me something to do.

Welp, I'd better go get ready for Kilwin's. Love to you all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beginning of Summer '09

Well well well, here I am in good ole St. Joe with not much to do. I'm currently jobless and that's quite okay by me. I have a sinking feeling that I am going to end up at Kilwin's again. It's just a job, right? Who cares if my summer equals torture? Haha--well something will work out. It always does.

But for now I've just been chilling. I got my hair cut two weeks ago, that was fun. I got about 6 inches cut off. I got the "Victoria Beckham" haircut where it elongates towards the front of my face. I like it. It takes so much less time to dry.

My dad and I started training for a 5K today. I don't think he's going to do a race but I'm going to try to run the Venetian Fun Run. It's $20 to register early so that's not too bad, plus you get a t-shirt for finishing. The training program that we are using is called "From Couch to 5K." Perfect for me and my dad. Today we walked briskly for five minutes then ran for 60 seconds and walked for 90 seconds. We do that two more times this week and then they up the running next week. I don't think it should be too bad. The race is two weeks before the training ends, so hopefully I will be able to run 3 miles by then but if not oh well. I'll try my best.

Well I just ate some (don't worry it's sugar free!) ice cream with (lite) chocolate sauce and peanut butter. My life is complete. Haha. But now I am off to hang out with the girls. Who knows what we'll end up doing, but it should be fun. Love to all my two readers, haha. :)