Friday, July 10, 2009

Summertime and the Livins Easy

Heyooooo listen what I sayoooooo. Haha, gotta love the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

So life has been pretty good lately. God has been blessing me with a wonderful summer.

I just finished reading "Searching for God Knows What" by Don Miller--fantastic book by the way. And I am currently reading 1984 as per my summer goal list. So the reading thing has been great.

Will came and we walked around downtown and on the pier. We sat on the swings and talked and we people watched downtown for a bit. Then we had dinner at my house with my parents. All very very fun.

Later that night Lo and Nik came and spent the night. We stayed up late playing Big Boggle--fun fun game and we also ate strawberry pizza! Yum. Then on Friday we went to the beach and yeah it was great!

I didn't end up going to the fireworks cuz the weather was kinda crappy. Instead I went to go see "My Sister's Keeper" and it was pretty good. I teared a bit. The book and the movie are complete opposites--the book being far better of course. Go Jodi Picoult! I love her work.

Umm, what else what else. Work has actually been fun lately. There are a few new people that I enjoy spending time with so that's been good. Too bad Kathryn's not there anymore! *tear*

This weekend I am most likely going to Cedar Point with the housemates for Lo's 21st birthday and I am super pumped about that--I've never been to Cedar Point--only 6 Flags. So we'll have to see how they compare.

Oh last Saturday I ran the 5K route with my friend Megan! So now I know that I can actually run it, which is good news--even though it has a huge hill! Haha, hooray! :) yeah. It's around 1:30 am and I cannot sleep for the life of me. Hopefully I'll be sleepin' on the beach tomorrow with some new friends. So that will be good.

Alrighty, time for me to peace out. Love to you all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First of July

Hellooooo all.

It's July 1st. And I can officially run three miles and I have sewn my dress. My dress is black with white flowers and it's a tube dress--it was REALLY easy to make--but fun to make too.

And the race is in a little less than three weeks. I'm a bit nervous. My friend Megan said she'd run the route with me so that I can prepare and get ready for the race because there's a hill on the route. Ugh. But that should be good.

I finished Fahrenheit 451 and I just started 1984. It's pretty good so far, but I'm only on like page five or something.

I've got some friends visiting this week--most likely my friend Will and then my housemates Lo and Nik are coming tomorrow night. It should be a fun time, I'm looking forward to it. I'll hopefully post some pictures next time--right now I'm a bit too lazy and pressed for time--I gotta keep cleaning for my friends coming!

Well, nothing else is really new. 4th of July is coming up--I don't work at night so I can go to the fireworks--which will be fun. Lo's birthday is coming up and we might be going camping and to Cedar Point or Six Flags--we aren't sure yet. Hopefully Patti at Kilwin's will give me the time off. Keep your fingers crossed. Ha.

Alrighty--off to clean and then to work from five to close. Leave love.