Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And the Countdown Begins!

Hey All.

So the Jason Mraz concert was AMAZING. No doubt about it--best concert I've ever been to. Colbie Caillat even showed up and they sang "Lucky" THREE times! Count em, three! Fantastic. We ended up getting back from Chicago at 4:15am and I had to work the next morning...we all did. Yikes! But oh so worth it. Here's two little photos of our night:

So yeah. Since then I've just been working and hanging out. We had a get together at my old small group leader Sheryl's and had a great time. We were there until like two or two thirty in the morning...whew! Fun times.

I bought a Fossil purse yesterday! I absolutely LOVE it. It's a crossbody for Spain so that my things will be safer than if I had a hand bag or whatever. Either way it was originally $78 and I got it for $30. Great buy I'd say! And it's super cute.

I just got back from seeing the movie "Julie and Julia" with my friend Fallon. It was super cute--I really liked it. It made me want to cook oodles and oodles...but I doubt I will be doing that anytime soon, perhaps some baking though? Who knows.

Tomorrow is my last day of work and I couldn't be more excited. I've put in a good many hours there this summer and much hard work and I cannot wait to be done with it. The people I worked with were fun but the drama of the workplace was just ridiculous. But alas, that is *almost* in the past. One more day, I can do it, one more day. :)

And the countdown begins. I leave on September 8th! That is 13 days away! Less than two weeks. That is CRAZY. Just crazy. I can't wait and yet I can all at the same time. I'm SO nervous it's not even funny, but I'm so excited too. The anticipation is killing me. I purchased some of my books from and they are just sitting in a box on my bedroom floor glaring at me tormenting me with the amount of information I am about to ingest in this next semester. Hokey pete. It's pretty intense.

I got to Skype with my friend Erin last night. She's spending her semester in New Mexico. It was fun to hear about her experiences there. My other good friend Fallon is going to New York City to be an intern for Saturday Night Live! She's doing stuff with music and she is so pumped. I am super excited for her as well! Oh the stories we'll have to share over Christmas break.

I accomplished another one of my goals. I finished reading my third and final classic novel of the summer, "The Catcher in the Rye." I absolutely LOVED it. It was fantastic. I want to ask for it for Christmas just so that I can own a copy of it. It was a great read.

I *might* emphasis on the accomplishing another goal this weekend. My parents and I might be going camping this Friday and Saturday night. We're thinking of going near my aunt and uncle so that we can visit them and camp all in one excursion. We'll see though, since my mom just had a little operation to get some stitches stuck in her out. We'll see if she's recuperated enough or not. If I don't go camping then we have a Spain meeting at my professor's house. I need to RSVP soon though so we'd better figure it out! Zoiks.

I am reading "The Tales of Beedle the Bard." A Harry Potter addition to the collection. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I bought it, but I did. It's little kids fairy tales from the wizarding world. It's pretty good so far--I'm almost done.

I've been addicted to Taylor Swift lately. My friend Anh burned me her newest CD and I've been listening to it nonstop in my car. It's amazing. And it's country music...that's what's even more amazing. I'm listening to country! Although I must admit, it is very "pop-y" country. But whatever.

So I'm going up to Grand Rapids next week Friday (the 4th) and then we fly out the 8th. Things are just happening so fast! Keep me in your prayers everyone, as I prepare for the trip and as I adjust to being in Spain. Ahh! :D

Love to you all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Already! Phew

Wowza time sure flies when you're having fun! It's been a while since I've written so I will update you on my life.

I went to Cedar Point with the girls and it was a blast! I went 120 miles per hour on the Dragster but my favorite ride was the Millennium Force. I got an Dippin Dots, my fave--a high light of the trip for sure. We had a blast in the hotel the night before as well, we swam in the outdoor pool for a bit and just hung out, drinking wine for Lo's birthday at midnight! Fun fun.

Later that week I ran the 5K and survived! I felt like I was going to throw up halfway through but I didn't and I made it! My time was 34 minutes and 1 second. Hooray! I haven't been as motivated to run lately, but at least I know I can. Haha.

What else what else. I finished 1984 a few days ago and that was quite an accomplishment. Now I'm reading The Catcher in the Rye and I am absolutely LOVING it so far, very edgy.

Umm, I've been to Grand Rapids twice since I went for Cedar Point. Once I went to visit with Bridget my long lost Alaskan roommate. We had lunch at Roses and then that very same day for dinner I met with Woody and Ilana at Marie Catribs. Mmm. Good food and great company at both places. It was good to catch up with everybody. Lo was out of town so I hung out with Nikki that night. Then this last week I went up to GR just to hang out for a few days cuz Kelsey was in town. We went to Mojo's on Wednesday night, me, Lo, Kels, and Em Brink. Then on Thursday night, Lo, Kels and I met up with some people at a fancy martini bar called The Republic. Both places were fantastic, though fun of different natures. I enjoyed myself immensely.

Lately I've just been working and hanging out. Nothing too exciting. Although this Thursday I'm going to a Jason Mraz concert with my friends Sarah and Fallon and I am SUPER pumped about it. I cannot wait to go!

I leave for Spain in less than a month! When I was up in GR last week I met with my professor who's taking us to Spain, or as I call her, Profa--and I asked a few questions about luggage sizes and gifts for the host family and whatnot. It got my very excited for the trip. I just ordered some of my textbooks from so those should be coming fairly soon. Very exciting business! And nerve-wrecking at the same time. I've been listening to an online Spanish radio station to prepare myself...hopefully that will help. And Profa recommended a Spanish movie to watch, so hopefully I will get that one in soon--it's called Volver and has Penelope Cruz in it. It's supposed to be pretty good but who knows.

Welp, that's all I can think of for now. But keep on reading! Especially when I get to Spain--it'd be great to hear from all y'all! :)