Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guitar Factory, Octopus...What Else Is There?

Hola! Currently I am listening to The HaHaan Mix Volume 6 and it is reminding me of home...I am getting nostalgic. This is not good. Haha. But I love all of you all at home, VERY very much. Don't you ever forget that! :)

So this past week we went to a guitar factory. It was pretty neat. Made me want to learn how to play guitar REALLY badly. I think that might be one of my New Year's goals, to learn how to play guitar. Hmm, we'll see.

Lady holding up a guitar thingy.

The backs of guitars.

Many MANY guitars drying waiting to be sold.

Friday we had our test. Oh my gosh, it was hard! I don't know how I did yet because obviously we don't have the grades back yet, but I pray that I didn't fail. Okay okay I probably didn't fail, but I didn't do too well. Not like the first test which I did well on. Buuuuut you do what you can. I studied all week and I tried my hardest so we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

Last night we went out to the clubs. We started at Super G, then went to Trifassic, then to Studio, then to The Buddha Sol. WHEW! And I did all of this in four inch high heel boots. I ought to have taken a picture of them, and then of the ginormous blister on my pinky toe, haha. This is what the guys think about all of the walking:

Then today, Saturday, Mer and I went on a walk. We were going to walk to the Tower but we got tired and my feet hurt from Friday night, so we turned back after an hour of walking out. So we walked about two hours, I thought that was a good amount. On our walk, we saw this!

An octopus hanging off of a boat! CRAZY!

So that's my life as of late. Filled with much studying and a dash of adventure sprinkled in. Haha. I think we're over halfway done now, time sure is going SO fast. I can't believe in just a bit I will be home again. CRRRRRAZY! I'm loving it here, but I do appreciate home more being away.

Love to you all.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mi Familia!

Hola mis amigos! Finally the picture you have been waiting host family! So here it is:

That is Maria Sahuquillo Tebar and her son Raul Gil Sauhquillo! They are MUY simpatico. I love them very much.

And here's a pic of a few of us taking a break on our Saturday afternoon hike up to the Tower, about a three hour hike. Que divertido!

So yeah. That's about it. Nothing much is new. We have our next test this Friday so that's no good. It's over mucho vocabulario y many verb tenses. How do you like my Spanglish? Haha.

I don't really know what else to write. I feel like I won't have much new to write until I get back from our fall break and we have our huge trip all over Europe with me, Mer and Alyssa. But I'll try to come up with some interesting things if I can. I know I'm in Spain and everything should be interesting...but I mean I am going to school and doing the whole school thing everyday so not much is new.

Although something sweet that I did recently is that I downloaded five sermons from Ada Bible Church and I listened to one last night called "Choose Joy." It was talking about how in times of trials (perhaps culture shock and missing home?) to choose pure joy. The reference is James 1:1-11 in case you feel like reading it. I also downloaded a three sermon series on seeing, walking, and living. And one called Ask, Seek, Knock. I don't know if I'm going to save them for Sundays or just listen to them when I feel like it. We'll see.

Mmm Fanta naranja. It's so much better here in Spain than it is in Estados Unidos. It tastes too artificial in the US.

By the way, you should all write me in Spain! Here is my address:

Emily Carlson
C/O Carlos Torres Garcia
Plaza Jaime I, s/n
03700 Denia (Alicante)

I PROMISE to write you back if you write me! I'd LOVE it! Really I check the mail every day hoping for a letter from someone. Haha. I'm sucha dork. But anyways yeah. It takes about a week for a letter to get here, so you'd better hurry. I've only got about two months left! Zoiks! Time sure if FLYING. To stick some Latin in here: tempus fugit! Time flies. Haha. Mr. Prince would be proud. :)

Well I've been at Ciber Denia for about an hour and I've spent a good euro fifty or so, so I'd better be on my way. Prayers. And love to you all.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Llueve vierte al anciano ronca.

Translation: It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring. According to Haha.

It's actually not currently raining but it's been raining on and off again for the past two days. And it's just been kind of dreary.

But not me! I'm doing fantastically. :) I feel as though I live here at Ciber Denia sometimes.

My days consist of class, lunch, napping, the UNED, Ciber Denia, dinner and more studying. Whew. It's busy but relaxed at the same time.

I got another letter this week and it was fantastic! Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Janet!

This weekend I think I am going hiking, at least once, if not twice. But we'll see. I love hiking.

Today in class we talked about prostitution and brothels, or curas as they call them. It was a muy intersante class. Apparently there are lots of brothels along the roads in Spain and one out of four men have been with a prostitute. That's kinda crazy in my opinion.

What else what else. I've been reading Philippians in English and Spanish. I don't know if I mentioned that before. I'm not very far but it's been very interesting. I don't understand a lot of it so it helps that I'm reading it in English too. I write in a prayer journal everyday, I wonder if by the end of the trip I could write it in Spanish. That'd be crazy. Cuz it's not like God doesn't understand other languages!

Blah blah blah. I wonder what the word for blah is in Spanish or if it even has an equivalent. Hrm. I have no clue.

Well I think I've bored you enough for now. Love to you all.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

La Playa and then Some

Hey all. So this weekend is a holiday weekend. Naturally I don't remember which holidays but there was one on Friday and there's one tomorrow on Monday. So we don't have classes! I went to the beach yesterday and today and swam in the Mediterranean and laid out and enjoyed the sun. It was fantastic and a great way to relax and enjoy myself before the new week starts.

So here I am just sitting at Ciber Denia, not pronounced Cyber but Sea-ber. Haha. Not that that really matters.

I had a conversation with Christina the other day and she's really making me think about life--like what do I want to do with my life, what are my goals, who do I want to be and all that jazz. Then I was talking to Andrew and he was asking about who I am and how I'm so quiet and I dunno all these conversations have just got me really thinking about life and who I am.

I have come to no conclusions. That's for sure. But Spain has been the perfect place to contemplate. I'm near no one who knows me, if I wanted I could have reinvented myself and I dunno--it's like starting fresh. I want to go places in my life. I, like most, want the American dream--husband, house, two cars, 2.5 kids and a dog. Haha, it sounds so boring but it's what I want! But what do I want now? And what can I do to make that dream a reality? Does God even want that for me? Who does God want me to be? What kind of woman is God shaping me into?

I don't know why all of a sudden I'm starting this huge quest. Perhaps it's because I'm gone and I really have to rely on myself and on God in this foreign land. I don't even know if anything I am saying is making sense, I guess I'm just gabbing for a bit to anyone who's listening (or reading rather). Hmm. Who knows.

Ciber Denia plays some good music. Gotta love some good ole American top 40.

Hrm what else to write about. I'm kinda bored today. After the beach and lunch I took a two hour nap and now here I am. However, I ran out of money on my phone and because of the holiday I can't add more until Tuesday and so I have no way of reaching anybody and it kind of sucks! I feel so alone without my cell. Haha. Pathetic isn't it? But whatever.

SOoooo what's new with y'all? I tell you about me but what's new with you? Shoot me an email, you know I'd love that! Or even better write me some snail mail! I check the box at school every day anxious to see something for me. So far I've gotten two letters (thanks Uncle John and Aunt Janet and Bethany!) but I'm always eagerly waiting for more! :)

Welp I feel like I've exhausted all of my words at this point. Sad, I didn't even write that much, haha. But whatever. Love to you all.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I just got back a few hours ago from our trip to Cantabria--Northern Spain. It was a fantastic trip! We had a lot of travel time in the bus, but we also had a lot of sightseeing time. So I will post a few pics so you can get an idea of what the trip was like! :)

So there you have it, a few pics of my trip. Sorry I don't have much more to say, it's not that it wasn't fun, it's just that I'm exhausted from traveling 12 hours to get home today and I don't want to be at Ciber Denia forever, so yeah. But if you have any questions, feel free to write a comment or shoot me an email. Love to you all.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lo Siento!

Sorry for not having more pictures. It´s just weird to whip out the camera at the hum drum of daily Spanish living. But one of these days I´ll get some pics up of Denia. I promise. But it will have to wait at least another week because tomorrow at six am we leave for Cantabria! :)

Just wanted to update you guys real quick...the test went really well today! At least, I feel like it did. So that was a huge relief. And I feel like I´m finally settling into my friends here, as in we´re really starting to get to know each other and I know who to call for whatever reason.

I haven´t been running as much as I´d planned on doing, but I have run a few times, so that´s good. Today we are going to the beach and that´s like a 15 to 20 minute walk, so we´re always getting at least a little bit of physical exercise.

Today for lunch we had rice with a fried egg and ketchup. (Maria had tomate frio but she bought me ketchup special so I figured I´d better use it!). It was actually very good! So when I get back to the States I´ll have to make it for you! Look out Griggs girls, new weekly meals coming your way! Haha.

Welp, I´m gonna be guily and go facebook for a bit. Talk about stepping back into America for a picture of what home is like, that´s for sure. Love to you all.