Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Birthday Pictures

Okay so as I mentioned in the last post, it was my birthday this past week Sunday. So (since my camera is gone forever) my dearest mom sent me some pics from the day. And here they are!

This is my new dress!

Me and my parents.

Nikki, Beth, me and my dad.

Me blowing out the candles after making four wishes, haha.

And last but not least, my dearest mom!

Hopefully, one of these days (YEAH RIGHT) I will get a camera, and then there will be more pictures for you to view. Hmm. Who knows.

love to you all.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some January Happenings

Sooooo it's been a while. Sorry about that. As I sit here in my new Banana Republic silk something cashmere shirt, I am reminded of just how blessed I am to have such giving and loving and kind friends. Not only did they give me wonderful gifts, but they have been such a blessing, through good times and bad.

Okay, enough of that. Let me tell you about my life as of late. Umm...since that fateful Tuesday when I wrote last I feel as though I have not been up to too terribly much. We spent Christmas Eve at my Aunt and Uncle's house. We played Catch Phrase--love that game.

Christmas day was fun. It was me, my mom, my dad, Ben and Kristen on Christmas day. We spent it opening presents, eating good food, and lounging. The way Christmas should be spent.

The Sunday after Christmas we celebrated with my extended family in Chicago. I got to meet little Lukas for the first time, and see Simon for the second time. They are just bundles of joy--LOVED them. :)

Umm...New Years Eve was fun. Spent that up in Holland with Anh and Sarah and all of their Hope College friends. Stayed over night there. Made a wonderful pancake breakfast the next morning.

Then I just hung out with people for the rest of break. Good times, good times.

Sunday after NYE I went straight up to Grand Rapids and hung out with my housemates. Lo and Kels went away for interim so it was sad saying goodbye to them. Lo is in Costa Rica and Kels is in Hawaii. But they will be back next week, so I am looking forward to that.

School started. For interim, I am taking a class called "Boxes of History." I'm not quite sure where the boxes aspect fits into it, but it's a class all about writing historical fiction. We got to spend three days in Chicago doing research. We took the train in, which is always romantic and nice. And yeah--it was a good time. We have to write 10-12 pages of a story and it's been going fairly well. I'm writing about Chicago's 1886 Haymarket affair. Perhaps I'll post it on here if it's not too long, and if it's any good by the time I am done. We'll see.

My birthday was this past Sunday. I turned the big TWENTY-TWO! Crazy. I feel so old. Friday I had friends from other schools over and we went to TGIFridays for dinner, dessert, and drinks. Saturday I went out with five of my guy friends to a sports bar called Queens in Eastown. The guys played pool and I just sat there hanging out with the people who weren't playing pool. Then on Sunday I went to Ada with some people for church and then in the afternoon my parents drove up. They took me to Olive Garden for dinner which is ALWAYS a good time. Then we came back to Griggs and had dessert--mocha torte that my dad makes. Mmm. SO good. It just melts in your mouth. Then yeah, they went home and that was it! I just kinda hung out for the rest of the day. My housemates gave me wonderful gifts (the Banana Republic shirt I was talking about at the beginning amongst other things). But what a grand way to celebrate one's birthday--ALL weekend! And then when the other girls get back from their interim trips, we are going to celebrate again! Hooray!

So since Sunday I've just been working on researching and writing my little story here, trying to get it all down in words. So far I have three pages and the minimum is ten pages, so we'll see how that goes. I'm not feeling very motivated or creative right now, so that is not good. But we'll see. I'm sure I'll get it done at some point. is time to get back to my other writing. Wish me luck. Love to you all.