Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls are Home!

Hey hey there buddy bear. It's me. Just wanted to post a few pics from my NEW CAMERA! Yes I got a new camera. I ordered it from Lapaz, Indiana--from Craigslist. Only $60 and it's pretty fantastical. I am so blessed, my awesome brother paid for some for a birthday present plus he just bought it for me and I owe him the rest! Sweet deal.

Anywho, here's a few pics:

Lo just got home from her interim in Costa Rica!

Kels just got home from her interim in Hawaii!

This is the whole gang, minus Jill who was gone for the weekend.

So there ya have it! There's just a few pics.

Interim wrapped up well. I had to write 10-12 pages of a historical fiction story and that was fun. Then obviously, the girls came home and that was a blast! I missed them so much and it was great to see them again.

Now class started yesterday. I'm enjoying my classes so far. I'm taking three Psychology courses and one English course. Then I'm auditing a Spanish course to keep up on my Spanish that I learned last semester. So yeah, that's been fun!

Life is good. Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine. Give me a call to hang out if ever you want to! I'd love to see you.

love to you all, Emily.