Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Masks

No it's not Halloween or anything, but I am wearing a the green one that purifies your skin! It's great. A great study break for sure.

So what's new with me? Not a whole lot. Last weekend Kels and I built a fort and spent the night in it, so that was fun! Here's a pic of it:

Nothing too eventful in school. I did poorly on some exams that I had, so that kinda sucks but I found a tutor for one of my classes, and I'm just planning on studying harder! But I did get to perform an EEG on a kid in my class for my Brain and Behavior lab, that was kinda neat.

This past weekend, Kathryn came to visit and we had a ton of fun! We went to Big Bob's for calzones and ended up running into my guy friends--so we ate with them. Then we went to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D which I absolutely LOVED. It was a-freaking-mazing. I want to buy it when it comes out on DVD. It also made me want to reread the books by Lewis Carroll. So perhaps I will do that over spring break. We shall see.

Then on Saturday Kathryn and I went for a 3-mile run. I'm still training for the 10K in May, and that's been going well. The most I've run so far is 3.85 miles so I'm getting there. I joined Calvin's Running Club and I do that once a week, so that is fun.

After the run, we went to Forever 21 and I got a new purse/bag. I'm planning on using it as a combo-purse/backpack. So I am very excited for that. Here's a pic of it for you mom:

Then Kathryn left and I worked on homework and whatnot. Then at night, I curled my hair! It was so fun! I haven't had it curled since Christmas break when Kristen did it. Here's a pic of that too, you can kind of see it a little bit:

Anyways, we didn't really do much last night, Kels and I, but I just thought it'd be fun to do my hair. Haha.

Anyways...I'm almost done with my Western application for grad school. I just have to do a few finishing touches on my essays and format them all pretty-like and then print off some stuff, and shove it all in an envelope and send it on its way! Grand Valley's isn't due until much later so that's nice. My goal is to get Western's out by Wednesday. We shall see.

I think I'm starting to sell plasma again. That should be fun. This is a pic from when I sold plasma my freshman year, totally throwback:

Look at that happy girl with cash in her hand! Haha. I just really need the money. Also, if I'm planning on staying in GR this summer, I had better find a place to work! So that is on my list of things to do: apply for jobs. I don't even care what it is at this point, I just need something (as long as it's not Dunkin Donuts or Kilwins, lol). Man, I also need to find a place to live...ZOIKS! Things are gettin' crazay!

Wellllll...I had better get back to studying for my Developmental Psyc: Lifespan exam tomorrow. Wish me luck. Love to you all.