Monday, April 26, 2010

Prayers Please!

Hey all.

Just wanted to ask for a few prayers.

One: that us Grigg's girls find a house to live in for next year!
Two: that I get accepted into grad school.
Three: that my knee stops hurting.
Four: that papers and exams get done with ease and quickly.
Five: that God continues to bring joy to me and those around me!

That's about all I've got. Nothing too new has happened. I ran a 5K this past Saturday and broke my "record" from last summer by about a minute and a half. But now my knee is killing me, so that's no fun. We have a little over two and a half weeks left of classes and I've got oodles and oodles to do. Ugh. I groan just thinking about it. But thus is life. So yeah. Keep me in your prayers and you will be in mine!

love to you all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hell-O was the title of this week's Glee episode. I just love Glee. It makes me so gleeful! I am such a gleek. Haha! I'm listening to Glee: The Music Volume 1 as we speak and I just love it. Hooray!'s been a while since I've written. So yeah! Not much has changed but I will fill you in on what has.

Spring break was a couple of weeks back. Friday night I went to Hope to visit with Anh and Kim who came as well. Had a fun time!

Saturday and Sunday I put together a photo album of Spain. I'm quite proud of my accomplishment! Haha.

Monday I did homework--what fun. But I also got my hair cut and colored! I got lowlights and bangs. Here's a lil pic of it:

Then on Tuesday I took the train in (by myself!) to Chicago to hang out with Kelly for the day. Then Tuesday night, I spent time with my Uncle John and Aunt Janet. We had a good time.

Wednesday, Uncle John drove me to see Ilona, Simon, and Lukas--which was such a joy:

Thursday I went to a movie with my daddio.

Friday I hung out with Megan, we made lunch and played Wii Fit. Then I went shopping with my mamasita.

Saturday I headed back to GR!

So that was that. Nothing too exciting, but very relaxing!

Since then I have slacked on running--so that is not good. Not good at all. I'm up to four miles but still, I have to be up to 6.2 in a few weeks! Zoiks. I don't know if I am going to still run the 10K. With school and all it's craziness I don't know if I can really commit. But we shall see. I'm hoping to get a good run in this Saturday, but yeah.

School has been ridiculous lately. I had two tests this week, a lab report due, reading and an online post, and an annotated bibliography! PHEW! But Friday is almost here, so that is awesome. Plus the weather has been fantastic--which helps greatly.

Last night, Lo and Rach and I went to Holland to watch the sunset and grab ice cream. That was fun. It was gorgeous. Loved it. It made for a good break for this week's craziness.

Tonight we are looking at two houses for potentially living in next year. Hopefully one that we find will work out! After living in Mark's great house, we are little picky, so that is not good. But yeah. God will provide, so I'm not too worried. Just a little. Haha.

About four weeks til exams, and then GRADUATION! May 22 is coming SO quickly, it's almost insane. Oy.

Thanks for stopping bye and reading. Love to you all.