Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello All:

I got my hair cut...again. Hahaha. I've gone crazy! :) But no, it's just a short pixie cut. It's cute and fun. But I have decided to grow it out again, so that things can be done with it when I am a bridesmaid...

What, bridesmaid you say? Who's getting married?! Why my big brother Ben of course! To the love of his life, Kristen Koljonen! And I am SO excited for them. I cannot wait. :) Hooray! The wedding is most likely around mid July, so that should be fun!

What else is new? I finished my very first semester as a graduate student at Grand Valley. We haven't gotten grades back yet but I'm fairly confident that I did well in most of my classes, so that's good.

I'm still working at the hotel...kind of. The Monday before Thanksgiving, our hotel had a small fire in one of the rooms (a guest turned the heater up to high and left something sitting on the heater itself) and it caught fire. So we have been shut down for almost three weeks now. I still check people in, but then we ship them out to other hotels. It gets kinda lonely being the only one here, and scary at times as well! But oh well, what can ya do?

Ben and Kristen are coming home for a bit over Christmas break, I am looking forward to that! And I will be back and forth between Grand Rapids and St. Joe because of work. But because I worked on Thanksgiving day, I get Christmas day off. I think I still have to work Christmas Eve, but I should be able to get home for the actual day of Christmas. So praise God for that.

My roommate and I just recently did some redecorating in our room. She bought us wall words, the words that you put on the wall and so now we have a Bible verse on our wall--Rejoice in the Lord Always. So that's neat. And we put up a mirror and some flowers and a candle. Its very cute. This is my roommate (and my new hair!)

But yeah...there's not much else that is new. I will keep you posted however. Hope all is well with you all! to you..