Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost April...!

Wowza, I cannot believe it! It's almost April already. Tomorrow is the day. Haha.

Update on the running situation: I have been slacking on my weekday exercises, cross-training, strength, that good stuff; however, Beth and I ran our 4 miles last Saturday and we're shootin' for 4.5 this Saturday! Whew! We can do it! Here's a pic of us after our run last week, very determined to stick with it!

Haha. That was fun. And then after that, I was trying to pour some creamer in my coffee, and then this happened:

Don't cry over spilt milk, Beth says! Lol.

Oh and most importantly, I purchased a two man backpacking tent from steep and cheap (53% off!!!) I'm SO excited to use it this spring/summer/fall!

So there you have it, my life in a nutshell! I've got about a month left of this semester. Then before I know it, spring summer semester will be here, I'll be starting my internship, Ben and Kristen will be getting married, Nikki and Mike will be getting married, and holy smokes there's just so much to look forward to! Hooray!

:) love to you my friends.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

Okay so I don't do the whole March madness thing for basketball or whatever, but it's March and there is madness going around! Haha, so I thought it was an appropriate title.

Madness as in school is crazy, work is keeping me busy, and the housing situation has been stressful! Let me elaborate: School has been great, however I have a few big projects/papers coming up within the next few weeks. I've got a biopsychosocial assessment due this Wednesday in which we have to create an imaginary person with a fake disorder and give them assessment tests and write up a report/assessment on them and put it in a professional looking folder. Then I've got a group project/paper/presentation due in (I think) a week and a half that we have just barely started on. And I've got a literature critique due for my Social Research class (hopefully it won't be too hard, but it will be time consuming) and other things I am sure I am forgetting! Whew!

And as for work, I've been working about 24 hours a week, which isn't too bad. But I'm meeting with a budget counselor again this week to decide once and for all if I can afford to not work at the hotel during my internship. During the next three semesters I will have to work approximately 26 hours a week at my internship plus approximately 10 hours of classes plus homework on top of that! So I don't know if time and stress wise I'll be able to handle Best Western. Stress. Ugh.

Our housing situation has been madness as well. There are four girls living in our house again next year so we are on the hunt for two more. But the catch is all of the girls want to know these new girls well and think that they will be able to live well with that narrows down our hunt. Let me tell you, it's madness.

But aside from the madness, life is going well! I'm training with Beth and Kels for the RiverBank Run, only the 10K not the 25K but still! And we decided that if we can't make it up to 10K by May 14th, that we'll do the 5K instead, so we will register later and closer to the date. We ran 2.5 miles yesterday and we're working our way up to 4 miles this Saturday. WHEW! Keep us in your prayers that we stick with it. Haha. But its been fun thus far, so hopefully it won't be too bad. Today according to our training schedule is "Stretch and Strength" day so I'm going to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred because there's some good stuff in there. Hopefully that will be good for today.

Yesterday I went out to coffee with my friend Cara (used to by my suitemate freshman year for a semester!). We went to a new little consignment shop in GR called "Rock Paper Scissors" and I got a really cute grey dress, originally $52 for $13! I was so excited. Granted the zipper is a bit broken and the arms are a bit gappy, but I figure my mom can fix that right up! Haha. It's so cute. :)

Then last night I went to Ada Bible Church with Megan. It was so good to see her. It's definitely been too long! But yeah. The sermon was about being set apart. It was a good sermon, wish it had a bit more application to it though. What are your thoughts on being set apart? How does one become set apart besides living their lives explicitly for God? I mean, that's a given, but how does it change your day to day? Hmm. Something to think about this week for sure.

Well, I'm at work right now so I should probably be doing something "work-related" although its always so slow on Sundays that I don't really know what to do! But yeah...I hope God blesses you all today, and this week! Oh and keep my friend Erin in your prayers as her Grandma died yesterday and she is all the way in Hungary and won't be able to make it home for the funeral! So yeah, keep her in your prayers.

Love to you all my friends and family.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tacoma, WA

Well it is officially my last day of spring break and consequently my last day in Tacoma. But I've had a complete blast! Here's a pic of me and Benny drinking some lattes in the park:

Not only did we enjoy lattes in the park, but we went on a three day backpacking trip! It was so much fun. We went on the coast of Northwest Washington in Olympic National Park and wow, HOW FUN! :) Since then we've been enjoying each other's company and I've been cooking for him and his friends and his fiancee Kristen whom I love! Today is my last day and we're doing a bit of shopping and then my flight leaves at 12:45am and I arrive in GR at 9:36am Saturday morning. Gotta love it.

But life other than spring break has been pretty fantastic as well. I got my internship placement and had my interview. I got the job! I will be working at Bethany Christian Services with their Early Impact program. Basically by the end of my year there I will be leading therapy sessions helping people become better parents. These parents are mandated by CPS to our services because they have been reported as being abusive or neglectful. In order to keep their kids, they go through our program. We meet in the client's homes once or twice a week for an hour or more. Should be pretty interesting. Not gonna lie, its a bit intimidating but I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to give it a try!

Second semester has been going fairly well. I've had a few papers and presentations and things are going smoothly. I like my professors a lot this semester and well, life is just going swimmingly! I couldn't be more blessed!

I've been reading "Celebration of Discipline" by Richard Foster and I wanted to highlight some of the lessons on Simplicity:

1. Buy things for their usefulness rather than their status.
2. Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you.
3. Develop a habit of giving things away.
4. Refuse to be propagandized by the custodians of modern gadgetry.
5. Learn to enjoy things without owning them.
6. Develop a deeper appreciation for the creation.
7. Look with a healthy skepticism at all "buy now, pay later" schemes.
8. Obey Jesus' instructions about plain, honest speech.
9. Reject anything that breeds the oppression of others.
10. Shun anything that distracts you from seeking first the kingdom of God.

Wow! What awesome life lessons. And here I'm reading this book in a Starbucks sipping on my unnecessary Mocha Frap, writing on my new MacBook, texting on my new iPhone...GOSH! I think I'm failing at this whole simplicity thing. But I'm gonna work on it! One way I'm going to work on it is by taking a deeper look at number 6. I want to go camping and backpacking a lot more once it warms up! It really gave me an appreciation for how beautiful God's creation is! And how moving and powerful. Love it.

Anywho...Kristen and Ben are on their way to pick me up from the Starbucks and so I must leave you now. But its been real. Its been fun. Its been real fun. :)

Love you to you my friends.