Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Running out of titles Title!

Hey Y'all!

It's been so crazy busy 'round these parts lately. Phew!

My parents were up in GR a few weekends back, that was fun. They stayed at one of our sister properties and that meant I got to sit in the hot tub after my long run on Saturday, which was a nice perk! :)

Here we are at Panera Bread after church on Sunday:

Also a week or two ago, I went to a Matisyahu concert at Calvin and it was phenomenal! Here's Matisyahu and Trevor Hall:

Oh and my good friend Alyssa is pregnant and due in about a month and I went to her baby shower last weekend:

And tomorrow is Easter. I won't be going home unfortunately, because I have exams on Monday, but I will be celebrating with my house. As a work bonus around Thanksgiving time I got a turkey and we are finally going to give that a try and see if we can whip that up for our meal. Should be good! :)

Then Monday, like I said, I have exams. What fun, oh joy. Hopefully they won't be too bad. I need to get a lot more studying in between now and then, but I'll survive! And then I'll have a week and a half or so off before spring/summer classes start.

My last day of work at Best Western is next week Thursday! Crazy how time flies. I'm excited. Also, work related, at work we had a Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge, and I WON! I got $32. Haha. Good times.

Then Friday Beth and I are going backpacking on the Manistee River Trail that loops with the North Country National Scenic Trail. So that should be fun. We're going for three or four days, depending on weather and how far we feel like hiking each day. Neither of us have taken a trip without an experienced hiker, so this might prove to be a bit interesting, but I am so excited for it! :) Can't wait. I even made a paper chain countdown in my room til we leave. Haha.

After hiking, my house and I are celebrating Kels' and Beth's birthdays (May 2nd and 5th) together by most likely painting pottery at a little studio. Should be fun!

Then after that I'm going home to St. Joe for a few days. :) Haven't been home since Christmas, so I'm excited to be there. Plus one of my good friends is moving into an apartment, so it will be fun to see that, and her.

Man there's so much going on. On May 9th I start my internship at Bethany Christian Services! I'm SO excited/nervous. I need to go shopping to get some business casual clothes! Haha. But it should be good.

May 14th is the River Bank 10K that Beth and I and possibly Kels are running. We haven't registered yet though...we'd better get on that! Haha.

SOOO...basically, other than exams, there is lots of good stuff to look forward to! God is so good. :)

I hope you all are doing well. Love to you my friends.