Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh hey there summer

So it's officially summer. Much has changed since I last wrote! I don't even know where to begin!

Well...I last wrote on April 23rd. That was the day of my first date with John. He's a pretty fantastic guy. We met through eHarmony and just simply clicked. We've gone on lots of dates since then and things have been going swimmingly. I like him. A lot. He is an HR guy, doing interviews and whatnot. He is 26 years old. He plays guitar (which I absolutely love!). And he is the most kind caring compassionate guy I know. So needless to say he has been a huge blessing in my life and I am so grateful. :)

This is John and I at his parent's cottage on Crystal Lake. Love it.

Okay enough with the mushy gushy. What else is new. I started my internship at the beginning of May. I am working with two therapists, one named Maureen, and the other Laura. They are awesome. I am thoroughly loving my job. Basically for now I just shadow and write progress notes. But the purpose of the program, if I haven't said this already, is when parents get reported as abusive or neglectful to CPS (Children's Protective Services) they get referred to our program. Our program's goals are to teach the parents how to be appropriate parents. We also do case management like helping people find housing, get jobs, acquire food and the like. It's quite an intense job. But I love it! So much. I even get my own desk area that I have put pictures up in. It's fun. I feel like a real professional. Haha.

What else what else. I ran the 10K with Beth a while back. That was literally KILLER. I nearly died. Or so it felt like. Haha. But we made it. We did not stop or walk once; that was our goal and we accomplished it, so that was good. Oh and when we went hiking we had a complete blast as well. It was such a great break between semesters. :)

I went to Chicago last week with Kathryn on the train. That was fun. We met up with Kelly and went to a free Iron and Wine concert at Millennium Park. It was super hot, but really fun. After the concert we went to a really nice restaurant with Kelly and her boyfriend and his friend. Good times good times.

But yeah...I would love to continue to update you, but alas, I've got homework to do. :( On a brighter note, a little over a month until Benny and Kristen get married! So that's fun. Gotta love wedding season, one down four more to go. Haha. But yeah...I best be off before I'm up to all hours of the night doing the H.W. Boo. But to you my friends!