Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3rd shift = time to get back in shape!

3rd shift = time to get back in shape!
So this is one of my reasons for loving third shift work - the slow nights!  haha.  Today we have been fairly slow.  My shifts start at 11:30PM and I'm here until 10AM, four days a week.  There are certain days and times that you can count on it being a bit busier than others.  Tonight we've been fairly slow (knock on wood!).  So...because I've never had a desk job before, and have never sat so long in one place each week in my entire life - I have decided I want to work out while at work!  (why not get paid to get into shape?!)

Today I popped my iPod nano into my back pocket to use the pedometer feature.  I had my headset on in my left ear in case I got a call and would be able to run back to my desk (thus including the possibility of more intense cardio), and I had my iPhone in my other back pocket with a timer running and a sermon I missed popped into my left ear (lots of technology).

I speed walked around the huge room of cubes and every time I passed through a space of openness where the openings of the cubes were, I would do fun things to work out my arms.  For instance:  I clapped my arms above my head; I did swirly motions like a dancer; I punched the space in between the openness like I was doing martial arts.  Needless to say, I had so much fun!

Plus, I finished up listening to a sermon by my pastor, Jeff Manion, that I had started last week.  It was amazing!  Such a great series.  The one I listened to is called "Comfort Spills" from 01/20/13.  Click here to be taken to the media player for Ada Bible's sermons.  :)

Anywho...I should probably go on my "lunch" or whatever.  Thanks for reading!  I love you guys.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

In need of a few house hold items...

Hi friends & family,

As most of you know, I recently moved into a wonderful little studio apartment downtown Grand Rapids.  I am loving it so far and am getting settled in, bit by bit.  I’m super excited as this is the first time I’ve lived alone; however, I am learning that I have hardly any household supplies of my own.  So this brings me to reach out to you!  I just need a few more items to make life a bit easier, and without being too tough on my budget.  If you have one of these items, or know someone who might – please let me know!  This is what I’m looking for at the moment:

*A sturdy ladder (preferably one that’s either small to store, or easy to make cute as my apartment is quite small and the ladder might be “on display” – haha!)

*A small microwave (again, small is preferable as the floor space of my studio is 12x13 feet)

*A queen box spring (I was given a queen mattress from a family at my church, and John’s parents have given me a queen frame, I just need the box spring to make it all work together!)

That’s it for now!  If I find that there are other things that I need and cannot seem to fit into the budget, I will let you know.  Thanks guys!  I love you all and am excited for this new chapter in my life.  You will have to come over for a cup of coffee or a board game sometime.

Side note for my Mom - I will post pictures of my place soon!  It still looks like a tornado hit since the move.  They're coming soon though, hopefully!  Love you.

OH!  Also, if you like free stuff, i.e. jewelry - give me a holler!  I'm struggling to book shows because I don't want to put friends/family in an awkward position.  But if you're looking for a fun "girls' night in" - let me know!  I'm your hook-up.  The new line just came out a couple of weeks ago and there are some adorable pieces.  Anyway, let me know!  Love you all!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Seemingly random postsecret musings...

For whatever reason, I feel motivated "tonight," in the wee hours of the morning (I'm prepping for working third shift Monday night, 11:30AM - 10AM) to respond to various postsecret submissions from this week, one by one as I feel like I want to!

I don't know if any of those people (or anyone in general) will ever actually read this blogpost, but for some reason, this sounds somehow therapeutic at the moment, so I'm going to roll with it.  Feel free to follow along as I share other people's now public secrets and my response to some of them! Huzzah!  #lovesundaysbecauseofpostsecret #actuallyusingmyMSWdegree #hahakindofnotreally

Click here to be taken to the website where these secrets have been originally posted!  They change every week, so check it out soon!

Sometimes drinking a pint at the pub can be therapeutic and a form of meditiation too.  Try not to let alcohol consumption consume your life (hopefully you know that can be really bad in general as well as being bad for your physical health) or be your only form of "stress relief" - also - it might be good to be honest with your spouse and let them know where you're actually at (even if only for the sake of that random emergency when they need you!  But really, it's not easy to build trust in a relationship if you're lying to one another, even if said lie is truly harmless in most aspects, or whatever).  But in general, hanging out at the pub with a pint isn't necessarily a bad thing!  Bottoms up!

P.S.  Maybe if you live nearby & stumble across this post, I'll join you!  I don't like the taste of alcohol personally, but I love hanging out at local breweries:  catching up with old friends or meeting new ones!  Oh the "hazards" of loving being with people, haha, you end up at coffee shops or breweries hoping to meet new friends!  I suppose there are worse things in life.

I just want this "secret giver" to know and be completely aware of the fact that while you might have sexual fantasies about playing out rape scenes sometimes, having those fantasies DOES NOT EVER give anyone, even a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, the RIGHT to take advantage of your body.  I am a firm believer in the fact that if someone says NO or fails to say YES is rape.  Hands down.  

While we are on the subject, also I recommend that you:  Take it to court AND press charges.  Do what you have to do to always protect other women from also getting hurt by whoever is doing this to you, or trying to do this to you.  Do you hear me?  You might not win your court case.  In fact, you probably won't (unfortunately).  But - you never know, your neighbor might be experiencing the same thing from this particular guy, and had your neighbor called the cops/pressed charges - you yourself might have been protected without ever knowing it!  This is an example of how stepping up and saying something, to someone, might help out someone else!  You honestly never know.

Be aware of your YESes, your NOs and how your response to things in life just may save someone else from that same trauma happening to them.  I cannot be more clear on the importance of this.  Please write me if you want to talk more.  You can perhaps see that I am quite passionate about this, for my own personal reasons.  If you want to talk more, I'll give you those reasons, but for now, just remember if you don't want to, say something (like no, over and over) or scream or kick or whatever, but somehow, try to indicate NO!  TRULY mean it and follow up if said asshole (pardon my "crude" language or whatever) continues to take advantage of you.  Got it?

I too have gained weight before.  I once gained 60 pounds in a matter of a couple of months (there's a story for you someday, ask if you care to hear!) and lost all sense of who I was and any SHRED of self confidence I ever possessed.  It took me a long long time to slowly gain that confidence back, day by day.  However, the simple fact that you somehow got out of the business of selling your body to whoever wanted it in order to survive, pay the bills or whatever?!  That makes you beautiful and special to me.  And I've never even met you!  Who cares who believes your story or where you came from, or even why you gained weight!  They don't need explanations, really.  You are strong, and you are a survivor.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Ever.  You are beautiful.

If you care to read this, look up Psalm 45:11.  That short verse got me through many tear-filled moments (I even carried it with me for about a year, written out on a 3x5 card.  I might need to rewrite that.  It's always good to remember that you're beautiful, no matter the circumstances.).  Perhaps you might find it helpful somehow too.  In fact, click here to be taken to a website spelling out that verse!  (saves you time if you're interested in reading it anyway).

I love this, especially following the fact that I had a biopsy done on Friday.  I know I am young and my risk for cancer is very slim.  I also know that my scar will be tiny due to today's technology.  Regardless of this knowledge, I am keenly aware that this tiny scar will someday remind me of my life's story (regardless of the diagnosis!) and how I have had many friends and family and strangers support me along the way, whatever I might be dealing with/struggling with at the time.

Ask me about my last MONTH and I can give you like 5 instances of support and love in a matter of seconds.  Seriously.  It's kind of a fun thing really, my life lately.  Fun in the sense of being truly awful at times (seemingly unbearable), praying that my mind will stop racing with to do lists, and that I will stop crying, but fun knowing that people around me actually care about me.  Seriously ask, I'd love to share.  (I might post about this soonish, but who knows when I might get around to that, haha).

This image and secret intrigued me.  I don't know what this person's secret might be, or why they married someone other than their soul mate...but regardless of all that, I am encouraged by the fact that because "it's how it needs to be" might mean that they made a "good choice" in some way, and because of that, they give me hope for our future on this earth, collectively speaking.  Props to you for "making the right choice" and therefore giving me some hope!

(Answering phone calls from Michigan residents, reporting abuse/neglect issues, 40 hours a week...can be truly exhausting at times, and make one feel a bit hopeless about humanity at the end of each shift - so thanks for the "pick me up!"  I wish this secret submitter all the best!)

And to this I simply say, "Amen!"

Thanks guys, whoever might stumble across this post!  Thanks for allowing me the space to do that.  Perhaps that might become a weekly thing, who knows.  It truly was therapeutic, in a weird way.  For me anyway.  

Also I want to leave potential readers with this before I "sign off" for the night:

John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

I leave you with that, not assuming you believe, but hoping that by reading that, perhaps you might be given some sort of hope.  Also I want to share a link to this past weekend's sermon from my church home (Click to be taken my church's website!) about something that really struck a chord in my life personally (I may or may not have cried throughout both the worship AND the sermon.  Shout out to John Lawless, my amazing boyfriend and best friend, who consoled me throughout, held my hand and offered to run grab me Kleenex or whatever I might need during this time in my life; I seriously love this man SO much.  I don't think he has any clue quite how much I love & appreciate him.  Haha.).  Click the following hyperlink to be taken to the part of the church's website where they give links to download past sermons for free: CLICK ME!!! (I don't know when the sermon from 1/12 and 1/13 will be posted, but there's lots of good stuff on here to check out until it does get posted!)

Okay, adios for now!  I love you all.  :)  

{And also want to nicely inform you that it's my birthday on Thursday.  Give me a shout out as I celebrate turning really old!!! (25)  Haha!  Also if you did want to get in touch with me, for whatever reason, just maybe leave a comment with your email address, and at some point, I'll shoot you an email saying "hey hey!" or something random, lol.}