Sunday, April 19, 2015

Zombie open casting call!

Work update - work has been going fairly well.  I've started doing some assessments partially on my own, so that's been exciting.  The more practice I get, the better.  I can't wait until the day when I feel more comfortable with everything.  But who knows when that will be!  For now, I will just plug along, working hard to learning everything I need to know.

This past weekend has been really fun.  Friday night, Dad and I watched my first zombie movie (a "zom rom-com" called "Shaun of the Dead") in preparation for...a zombie open casting call!  I drove up to Grand Rapids Saturday to hang out with my friend Christina and we auditioned to be zombies in a small independent film.  The director had instructed us to pretend that we had a rubber band pulling us backward at our waist, and two rubber bands, one around each knee, pulling us forward - the the top halves of our bodies were to be dead.  Neither of us got offered parts, but it was a neat experience regardless.

So Grand Rapids was fun.  Before the casting call, Christina and I grabbed coffees at the Kava House in Easttown and we walked around for a bit.  After the casting call - we went shopping!  I got some jean shorts, a book, and some lotion for my desk at work.  Then we grabbed dinner at The Electric Cheetah, one of my favorite GR eateries.  After a delicious dinner, we rented a chick flick ("He's Just Not That Into You") and did face masks while watching that (and eating brownies!).  We definitely made it a girls' night.

Sunday, we went to Ada Bible Church, and then went BACK to The Electric Cheetah for a delicious brunch (banana bread French toast).  Yum.  Then I drove home and read my new book.  What is my new book you might ask?  "The Hungry Girl Diet!"  I finished reading it and am planning on starting the diet tomorrow.  It's a four week meal plan complete with single serve recipes for a roughly 1300 calorie day.  Tomorrow's meals and snacks are as follows:

Egg scramble on a bun
String cheese
Tuna sandwich w/carrots and dip (I made a fresh Creamy Cilantro dip and it is Goooooood!)
Baked kale chips
"Chicken Hungry Girlfredo Bowl"

So hopefully all goes well!  I've made Hungry Girl recipes before and they were good, so I'm looking forward to this endeavor.  Hopefully I last longer than the other things I've tried.  Haha.  Oh well - at least I'm trying!

Well, that's all for now.  I'm going to read some more; this time I'm reading "The Gospel for Real Life" - the book my friend Kayla and I are almost finished reading as a book/Bible study together.  I also have memory verses to work on for that too!  And I should probably do my laundry...but let's be real...I'll probably do that tomorrow, or later this week.  Haha.  Love you all!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Three days, go figure..

Well, the nutritarian/veganism thing lasted all of three days.  It was haaaard.  Oh my goodness.  By the third day, I had packed fresh raw veggies for lunch, and was so sick of them, that I ate nothing, gave up and drank a couple cups of coffee instead.  Ugh, I am frustrated.  I'm not frustrated that the nutritarian/vegan thing didn't last - I think that was a bit of a stretch to try regardless, but I'm just very unsatisfied with my weight.  BUT, I did run four miles yesterday, so I'm keeping up with that.  And I'm hoping to incorporate some more strength training too.  Hopefully that will help.

Thursday night I was able to go out with some girlfriends from church.  We had margaritas and Mexican food.  It was fun.  Although a lot of the conversation surrounded babies and husbands (all of them are married with kids) that was a bit tough.  I'm just at such a different place than all of them are.  There's nothing wrong with that (I have to tell myself), but it does make connecting with them a bit harder.  However, I did sign up for eHarmony last night.  Perhaps there will be some fun connections through that.  We shall see.

Last night I watched Step Up All In with Bethany.  Ha, it was quite cheesy, but fun to hang out despite the fact.  Tonight, I'm hanging out with Mike.  I don't know what we're doing, but again, it's nice to get out with friends.

Not too much else is new, so I suppose I'll sign off.  I'm about to go out on a walk with my Mom on this beautiful Saturday.  Hope you all are doing well!  (all zero readers that I have, haha).

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Job, 10K, Veganism - Oh my!

Exciting new news everyone:  I got a job!  I now work as a "Care Manager Social Worker" for Region IV Area Agency on Aging.  Hallelujah, praise the Lord!  I started last week Monday and had a great first week.  There is a lot to learn, but I am very excited about it, and excited to be using my degree again.  Prayers that I learn things well and quickly would be much appreciated.

So what is a care manager social worker?  Basically, once I'm done with training, I will be going into the homes of the elderly who want to stay at home versus living in a facility.  I will be assessing their needs and putting services in place to enable them to stay at home.  After the initial assessment, we do a phone call check up every 30 days, and a face-to-face check up every 90 days.  I think it's going to be a good fit.  And everyone there seems super nice and helpful, which is good as well.

Now, on another note - I had previously been training for the RiverBank 25K.  I started back in November, but then kind of fell off the bandwagon and stopped training.  A 25K is just over 15 miles and I just don't like running enough to run that distance.  BUT I still want to be active and get in I've been training for the RiverBank 10K!

I am following Hal Higdon's 10K Novice training plan, and ran four miles this morning!  With it being Easter Sunday, I didn't want to shower for church, run and then have to shower again for Easter dinner, so I woke up before church (7am!) and ran the four miles.  I had asked my Dad to slowly bike alongside me to keep me motivated.  It worked!  I realllly wanted to quit at the two mile mark, but I didn't!  So that was encouraging.  The race is May 9th.

I keep thinking in my head..."if I run the race" - but I need to start changing my words and saying "when I run the race" because otherwise I'm gonna pansy-out again.  I need to stick with something for once, my goodness!

Also, I've been a little (to say the least) unhappy with my weight gain the past six months or so.  I've reached a point that I did not ever want to see again.  In order to learn more and get healthy, I just finished reading "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  He coins a type of eating called "Nutritarian."  So, starting tomorrow - I'm becoming a nutritarian.  He talks about how health is equal to nutrition divided by calories (H=N/C), so basically, the more nutrients in your food, the healthier it is!  But nutritarian is essentially veganism with minimal to no grains as well.  I've never attempted anything like this, so it shall be quite interesting!

Dad and I just got back from the grocery store where we got apples and bananas and strawberries and spinach and cucumbers and carrots, and the list goes on.  Lots of healthy foods!  I have a tendency to start something and not stick with it, but I'm rrreeaallllyy going to work hard to stick with this.  I want to get to a healthy size again - quite badly, especially before summer ;)

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for reading!  And I'd love prayers and encouragement in my three ventures (new job, 10K training, and veganism) if you think of it!  Much love.