Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bound for Freedom...embracing mine!

Here I sit, at Bound for Freedom in downtown St. Joe.  Bound for Freedom is a little shop that sells fair trade and homemade goods to help poverty stricken people from various countries all over the world.  They also have great pour over coffee and a cozy little sitting area in the back.  I've been here for a couple of hours enjoying "Tiny Beautiful Things" by Cheryl Strayed (still good, but still haven't finished it!  Haha).

It's a dreary day out there.  I was supposed to play tennis with a friend/coworker, but with the weather being as it is, we had to rain-check for it (haha).  So today is now consisting of reading!  What a glorious way to spend a day - with a steaming cup of coffee (which is now empty...) and a good book.  Fun fun.

So update on things.  Weight Watchers is going alright.  My weight loss has slowed down, but is consistent.  I think I've lost 8 or 9 pounds in total now.  My official weigh in day is Monday mornings, so we'll find out then.  It's been hard to stick with it as I've been out of town a couple of times, but I'm still trying.

eHarmony is going alright.  I haven't really had any connections lately.  That last date turned into nothing, but oh well.  I started up again with Coffee Meets Bagel (a dating app), so hopefully I'll be connected with more guys that way.  Confession - I even wrote the Steve Harvey Show today!  Haha, in the quest of looking for love.  Ahh.  I just have to remember that God will provide, in his time.

I've really been wanting to grow closer in my relationship with God.  I want to have the fire and zest for my relationship with him that I used to have.  So I've been trying to get back into having a regular time set with him.  I'm praying for God to draw me near to him.  I'm earnest in my desires.  I know that God will be faithful.

I'm just trying to live life to the fullest, ya know?  I can't wait around for a man forever.  I am sitting here lounging at Bound for Freedom and what I really need to do is embrace mine!  I can't sit around waiting for a man.  I need my God to fulfill me completely and I need to enjoy life!  To find passions.  To pursue those passions.  To find joy!  Not that I don't have joy, but to find it more fully.  I wonder what books I can read next to find that.. haha.  How do you pursue your passions?  What are your passions?  How do you live life to the fullest extent of what it has to offer?

Other commentary on my life.  I went to Chicago to visit my friend Kelly over Memorial Day weekend.  That was fun.  City life for a bit is always exciting.  And I've been watching The Bachelorette with some friends.  Guilty pleasure.  But fun.

My aunt is in the hospital again.  I don't think I've written about her yet, but she has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her spine, adrenal gland, and lungs.  She had surgery to remove the tumor on her spine, but has not been doing well.  She has lost mobility in one of her legs and they don't know why.  It's been really hard.  If you could keep her and her family in your prayers, that'd be fantastic.  Her name is Dianne.

...thinking about that makes me even more so want to embrace life!  We never know how much time we're going to be blessed with on this earth!  Seriously.  Hmm.  What can I do to embrace life?!  Got any ideas for me?!  Please share!

Well anyway, that's all I've got for now.  Thanks for reading.  Hope all is well with you.  Much love.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weight Watchers, eHarmony, and life..

Well...The Hungry Girl Diet did not last (too much food prep for me to do; I got sick of it!) BUT I've been doing Weight Watchers successfully for 9 days now and have lost 6 pounds.  I think that's pretty good.  I even have been careful and budgeted to allow myself some treats now and then - we had a bonfire last weekend and I had two s'mores!  And I had a Snickers bar earlier this week (7 points!).  I originally got 29 points a day, but at my first weigh in, lost some weight, so they bumped it down to 28 points.  I also get 49 points extra each week, and earn points for activity that I do.  I think it's a pretty good system.  And it's keeping me accountable.  I reaaalllllly hope to stick with it.

I also signed up for eHarmony and went on a wonderful first date last night!  He's from Grand Rapids and drove down.  We grabbed coffee (well, I got coffee, he got tea...who doesn't like coffee?!  Haha).  Then we had dinner and drinks.  Then we went bowling!  It was so fun!  The date lasted 7 hours and I'd say it was a success!  (plus I got three strikes in one game, tying my all time high of 123!).  Needless to say, there will be a second date - which I am excited about.

I have been a reading little bug lately.  Last weekend I spent a couple of hours in my camping hammock outside in the yard reading The Total Money Makeover.  I spent a couple of hours reading this morning and finished it.  It's got some good stuff in there and will hopefully be starting with baby step one (saving $1000 emergency fund), after I...

Buy my mom a bike!  As tomorrow is Mother's Day, I have decided to buy her a bike.  I am very excited about this, and she is too.  We were going to go down to Niles to look at some today, but they close soon, and apparently it's pouring rain there - so she wouldn't be able to try the bikes out outside.  Bummer.  It will have to wait.  But regardless of when, I am very excited to give this gift!  :)

Another book I just started today is called "Tiny Beautiful Things" a compilation of advice columns by Cheryl Strayed.  I've only read the first 20 pages or so, but it is good stuff.  I am enjoying it, and can tell I'm really going to like it.

Well, my friends are trying to convince me to run a 5K next Saturday, so I think I'm going to lace up my shoes and see if I can get a few miles in today, just to see if I can do it...ugh.  I hate running!  Haha.  But it's on my list of 101 Goals in 1001 Days.  So we shall see

Hope all is well with you all.  Thanks for reading.  :)