Friday, April 22, 2016

Tri and tri again

I am officially doing the Sister Lakes Triathlon, as most of you already know.  Last night wrapped up our third week.  On Tuesdays we bike, Wednesdays we run, Thursdays we swim.  What a few weeks it has been!

Last night after doing a few laps in the pool, my eyes bulging like little toads (I'm getting new goggles so that this doesn't continue to happen..) I start to think - can I really do this?!  It's a 500 meter swim, 13 mile bike, and 5K run.  That is a lot!  There is a tiny part of me that says, "ehh, just give up - not many people do this, who are you competing against?  Why are you spending so much time and energy on this useless goal?"

But no!  I will persevere!  This is about more than just swimming and biking and running.  This is about setting goals and sticking to them.  This is about pushing yourself and going past your limit to do more than you ever thought possible.  I am doing this for no one other than myself and that is okay.  I am pushing my body to go places it's never gone before and I will be stronger as a result.  Stronger in my beliefs in myself and stronger physically.  I will not give up. 

What are some of your goals?  What are you afraid of doing but so badly want to accomplish?  How are you holding yourself accountable to working toward these goals?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The world of doodling

Flamingo colored pinks and luscious greens now decorate my new journaling Bible.  I have multiple doodles that have begun to decorate the margins.  What is a journaling Bible, you might ask?  It's a pretty simple concept - it's a Bible that has space in the margins for note-taking, or in my case, doodling!

This is my first try at it - this is the cover page essentially.

This is my favorite verse, Psalm 45:11.

Another good set of verses from Colossians.
Relationships take work.  One must invest time and effort and energy into keeping up a relationship.  Examples of this include letters mailed and phone dates scheduled, chats over coffee and a quick lunch grabbed in between the business of life.  

What does doodling have to do with relationships?  My doodling is so much  more than just doodling.  It is the way in which I grow in my relationship with God.  It is a way in which I can meditate on his word and spend time with him.  It is how I invest in our relationship.

My relationship with God is the most important and fundamental part of who I am.  My walk with the Lord has not been easy.  I've lived through and endured some challenging times (one day I want to write a mini memoir or collection of essays about it...feel free to encourage me or give me tips!).  Throughout these times though, I've leaned on the Lord and grown closer with him.  I've depended on him for my everything.  

So I will continue doodling and spending time with my Lord, growing in grace and the knowledge of his love.