Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fairs, food, and festivities

So this is a bit overdue, but I am wanting to write a recap of my fabulous weekend last weekend.

Friday began as most Fridays begin - with work.  But it ended gloriously.  It ended with the Berrien County Youth Fair.  Ashley and I hopped in her car and picked up Mike, and we met up with a big group of us at our friend Jeremy's house.  We all carpooled to the fair and slogged through a ton of mud to the fair (it had been raining most of the day).  Literally - tons of mud.  But it was so worth it.

We didn't do the rides.  None of us showcased animals or exhibits.  But boy oh boy did we enjoy the food.  Glorious fair food!  Our first stop were the corn dogs.  I absolutely love corn dogs.  Delicious.  Then we walked around some barns and I got honey sticks.  I tried four different kinds: lime, vanilla, cinnamon and sour raspberry.  My favorite was definitely the sour raspberry - tangy and sweet.  A delightful combination.

After the barns with the weird clothes and the candles and the assortment of thing for sale, we stood in line for the meats and while we stood in line for that, I got some corn on the cob literally dipped in a bucket of butter which I proceeded to douse in salt.  Oh man.  So good.  Then we saw the animals!  The goats were so cute!  Some of them had their heads stuck through the wire cages - it was kind of cute/sad.  Then we saw the baby animals - ducks and horses and donkeys, oh my!  Haha.  Then...more food.

The culmination of the night I'd have to say was the ever-so-amazing deep fried Oreos.  We literally had to walk what felt like miles to find these puppies.  But they were worth it.  But anyway.  Enough about the fair.  On to the rest of the weekend!

Saturday was my beautiful cousin Brook's bridal shower.  It was full of good food as well: blueberry French toast, quiche, and mimosas!  We also played fun games.  I even tied for first playing a game where we matched the movie quote to the title of the movie.  That was neat.  It was so wonderful celebrating Brook and Dan's love and upcoming wedding day (October 2nd!).

Then I had to scoot out of there to meet one of my inspirations and favorite bloggers: Katie Foster!  She writes a blog called Runs for Cookies ( and she writes about her life, her amazing weight loss accomplishments, and her love of running.  She has been an inspiration to me over the years to become a more healthy and better me.  I have been reading her blog for a long time and feel like I know her so well!  We grabbed drinks and got to know each other's stories a bit better.  It kind of felt like a first date, and was super fun.

Myself and Katie Foster

Then I headed to John's and we hung out with his siblings for a bit, and then grabbed dinner at Jet's before heading to bed. 

Sunday was the big Marshall family corn roast!  What a day it was!  Every year since 1972 the Marshall family has been gathering in August for a corn roast where family and friends come together to roast corn and they bring food, pot luck style to fellowship and have some fun!  It was a blast.  Despite a bit of rain at the end, it was wonderful weather.  The corn was roasted to perfection.  My parents were even able to come out and join in on the fun!

At the corn roast after the rain.
And John was able to share his newfound love of the trumpet with his nephews.  It was such a precious moment.

What a fun weekend!  And the last thing I want to share with you has absolutely nothing to do with my weekend, but it just makes me happy: 

Ben and Ayla skateboarding!
And with that I bid you adieu.  Until next time folks!  :)