Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ambitions & goals

It's good to have goals in life.  It's good to work towards things.  I feel like I am a woman of a million goals.  At the dawn of every year I set up categories of goals.  I come up with a goal (or two or three) per the following categories: physical, financial, emotional, social, and spiritual.  But then throughout the year I come up with new and modified goals and ambitions.  One such new goal has been to learn the piano!

I ordered a used Yamaha P-95 from Guitar Center online after much searching.  I have been tinkering and playing on it a little bit each day.  Last week, my friend Liz (who plays piano super well) came over and gave me a little lesson.  She took a mechanical pencil and tap tap tapped on the music stand because I definitely need to work on my timing.  

But I have been having so much fun with it!  It is so fun to have something new and exciting that inspires me and something productive to work towards and to use my spare minutes on.  It's a great stress reliever and is just fun!   I absolutely love it.  And I have to give a shout out to John for inspiring me.  He's been playing the trumpet for the past months and he's the one who motivated me to pick up an instrument again.  It's been so fun for the two of us to play our instruments together!  Love it.

I have other goals in my brain as well that won't seem to leave me be.  I want to get down to my goal weight (in hindsight, that cheesecake I had for dinner once this past week probably wasn't such a good idea....), to work on paying down my student loan debt, to work my Premier business, to grow in my faith and relationship with God, to be intentional about my friendships and relationships, and to take my social work exam.

As far as my weight goes - I'm not gonna lie - since I competed in the triathlon I have been slacking hardcore.  I have worked out sporadically and not focused on eating healthily at all.  I definitely need to rededicate some thought and motivation towards that cause.  Anyone wanna partner with me in that venture?  I should probably pick up running again and sign up for a race to keep myself accountable.  Hmm..

Student loan debt.  Ahh.  Gotta love it.  That kind of goes hand in hand with my Premier business.  I recently started going to a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class this past week.  I'm hoping to learn some very useful tools through that to help me in this venture.  After tallying up the total of my student loans (I haven't done it in a while and interest sure does add up quickly!) - I nearly had a heart attack.  But I survived.  And I just need to work harder and spend less!  So that's fun.  

My faith and relationship with God.  Yes.  I continue to write in my prayer journal.  I need to be more disciplined about setting aside quiet time instead of just fitting it in when I can.  God needs to be a priority in my life.  He definitely makes me one in his, that's for sure.  He provides so much for me.  I'm also currently reading the book Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist which has been a breath of fresh air.  It's literally about living in the presence of life and the presence of God, versus trying to live a perfect life.  

Friendships and relationships.  I try to be intentional about those by setting aside time to spend with friends and family.  And for those who aren't local, I try to be intentional about sending texts or making phone calls.  I'm not always the best - but I try.  Know that I love you guys!

And lastly, my social work exam.  I've started studying!  It's a step in the right direction!

Guys.  Ambitions and goals are important.  I feel like it's good to have something to work towards.  Keeps us moving in a positive direction.  I want to leave you with this: