Friday, February 3, 2017

Winner winner: carb loaded dinner

Guys:  I did it.  I am a winner.

...of a DietBet!  Haha.  Man those things are not easy - for me anyway.  The object of the bet is to lose weight.  The one I was in, you have to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.  Unfortunately for me, my birthday was in those four weeks, of which I indulged in many treats, alcoholic beverages, and other such nonsense.  It was delightful.  But I've done DietBets before and I didn't want to lose this one.

So the last week and a half left before weigh in, I did the extreme...I ate healthily.  Haha.  I turned to a real "diet" and did Dr. Oz's Total 10.  It's kind of similar to paleo but allows for some grain and some dairy.  My favorite part of it was that it gave recipes for three delicious smoothies in the mornings: chocolate almond, mixed berry, or pumpkin pie (I've continued to eat one for breakfast every morning; they're that good! - though John doesn't like them).

My other favorite part of Total 10 was that every day you are supposed to end your day with a detox bath.  It's just a soak in the tub with 2 cups of epsom salt and 1 cup of baking soda.  Who doesn't love an excuse to relax in the tub with a good book and a scented candle?!  I loved it.  That is something that I've also continued (not every night though, unfortunately).

Yup, weigh in day came and I was successful.  I earned my money back, and a bit more.  Not as much more as I was hoping for (I got my $30 back and then an extra $6.08) but the incentive worked - I lost the weight.  So that's good.  And now I am ready for my trip to Florida in a little over a week with John!  (even had to buy a new swimsuit as the old one was too big!)  Now time to go make a paper-chain countdown!  Hahaha...I am such a dork.  On to the next big adventure (and a carb loaded dinner).